Adding a Splash of Color

I’m getting quite a few requests for quick and easy DIY energy enhancers! I’m so excited you are thinking about improving your chi to better attract opportunities and positive energy. Thank you for your time, your emails and your general interest.

As mentioned in previous posts, removing clutter from your home is one of the most effective DIY chi enhancers (read more HERE). However, if you’re looking for something different, Feng Shui offers a plethora of suggestions for attracting luck, prosperity and good health into your life and home. From decorating with plants and crystals to hanging wind chimes and mirrors, there is a wealth of information and remedies to help balance the energy in your home in a way that fits your schedule and budget.

For purposes of this post, I thought it best to discuss something we all use whether we incorporate Feng Shui into our lives or not: Color!

Last year, my daughter and her boyfriend were decorating their apartment. Though they had been living together for almost two years, they did not have the privacy of their space because they shared an apartment with two other mates. Consequently, they never fully decorated, and their apartment never felt like a home. They were constantly stressed from pursuing competitive acting careers and not finding time for one another. In their new home they hoped to decorate in a way that was soothing, comfortable and nurturing. Naturally, they agreed on their mutually favorite color, purple.

I am so glad that they called to discuss their choice before making any purchases! Purple would have been the wrong color for the bedroom of an already stressed couple.

Let me break it down:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 2.14.32 PMAs you can see, purple is more suitable for your career or money corner. Enhancing wealth and power energy while promoting activity will keep you creative and productive…perfect for an office or work space!

Your bedroom, however, should be reserved for recharging and being close with your spouse. So, instead of the purple that my daughter and her boyfriend chose, I suggested that they take a look at an earthy pink to help enhance the love energy, and to keep them grounded and connected with one another. Good news! They’re still together and they now have a dog!  ;)

Taking things a step further, let’s look at specific rooms and what colors I’d recommend for each:

Kitchen: Kitchens are representative of your health so should always be kept clean and clutter free in addition to whatever Feng Shui approved color that you would choose to paint the walls. I chose yellow and green (the color for the Wood element) because our kitchen is where my family tends to hang out, and it is located in the South and Southeast. The South is Fire, and Wood feeds Fire. The Southeast is Wood.  I wanted to enhance our good health, but I also hoped we would continue to grow as a family despite the divorce and the changes we were experiencing. My goal was to provide nurturing, strength, grounding and connectedness while rebuilding our lives. I believe we have succeeded in these areas, and that my children love this part of the house as much as I.

Children’s bedroom: These colors can change depending on the child, what they are pursuing, and whatever unique needs they may have. Generally speaking, green and blue are good in children’s rooms. These colors are supportive as your children grow and flourish.

Living room, den and family room: Multiple colors work here! I would say earth tones, particularly yellow, gold and shades of brown work well in these areas because they provide grounding and centering. Green and blue also add cheer, life and growth.

Dining room: Pink, green and blue are good for the dining room. They bring positive chi to social gatherings! And, think of food as being a Wood element and that Water needs to nurture it. Green is the color for Wood. Blue is the color for Water.

Master Bedroom: We spoke about this very important room above, but I wanted to say something further. Though pink is the color of love in Feng Shui, peach represents high attractiveness to the opposite sex. You can use either pink or peach color to attract a mate. However, once you’ve snagged the mate of your dreams, I’d change the color of your walls to pink to prevent a wandering eye.

I hope the above suggestions offer food for thought! Please note that color can be incorporated into the room through décor and not solely through painting your walls. The key is always balance, and the ideal is to align your personal energy to that of your environment. Your home should nurture you. So, have fun with this! Share your personality through the interior design of your home and be specific with what it is that you want from your life and how Feng Shui can help.

As always, if you’ve got something to discuss, please email me for more specific information to your unique needs:

Happy coloring,

-Germaine Parra Avila

Author, Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity
Speaker, Feng Shui Specialist, Real Estate

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