Balance is Key to Happy Chi

In an effort to simplify the process of finding your Tao (or path) to peace and harmony, allow me to explain the very core of FengShui: opposite polarities of negative and positive energies, also known as yin and yang, are a fundamental fact of the universe.  Thus, the practice of FengShui, which can be described as the recreation of balance in the space between Heaven and Earth, is an important tool to help you create ayin and yang balance in your home and in your life.

Allow me to break this down further:

Yin describes a softer energy known as female energy and yang describes a more aggressive, harder energy known asmale energy. This does NOT mean that all women are yin and that all men are yang, nor should they be! Yin and Yang describe attributes.The duality of yin and yang is also seen in dark and light, night and day, slow and fast, unmoving and moving, moon and sun, death and life. Yin is passive and yang is active. Yin is yang’s opposite, and yang is yin’s opposite. There is no judgment in this duality, meaning that yin, which is negative, is not “bad” anymore than yang, which is positive, is “good”. Yin and yang refer to positive and negative polarities.The idea here is not to put the two against one another. On the contrary, yin and yang depend on each other for their very existence. The universe requires a balance between them in all aspects of life. The very interaction between the two polarities is what makes the world go round. Day (yang) moves to night (yin) in the same way that summer (yang) moves to winter (yin). We would not be able to experience the one without the other, which is the duality and the normal perfection of the Universe where yin and yang are in balance.

It is with keeping balance in mind that we should make decorating decisions as well as life decisions. Balance provides the space where healthy decisions can be made. Balance is nurturing, which is strengthening. Decision making from an optimal position of strength is obviously more preferable than the contrary. Balanceand nurturing correlate to one’s luck, so whenever you detect an imbalance of energy in a space or in your life, it is imperative to seek remedies thatcorrect the imbalance as soon as possible. Feeling peace and harmony begins athome.

When someone approaches me about life troubles that they are hoping to fix with FengShui, my first job is to prepare their BaZi chart (Chinese Astrology) so I can identify their elemental composition. With this knowledge, I can then determine what the individual needs personally, and apply that information to what I see in the home. The ideal is to have one’s personal elemental composition align with the home’s energy.

While living in Bangkok, a friend asked about her husband’s heart attack, hoping to find FengShui remedies that could either aid in her husband’s healing, or improve his quality of life while he fought his illness. Upon visiting their home, I couldn’t help but notice a spiral staircase located in the Northwest sector of their home, where the master bedroom was also located.

Spiral staircases offer major FengShui problems, particularly in areas of health. The fact that stairs are spiraling suggests that the energy is being drilled downwards into the ground, instead of assisting in a balanced flow of energy between the upstairs and the downstairs. This imbalance in energy flow can cause numerous health concerns, including brain and heart diseases.

Energetically speaking, one needs to stop the drilling and create a staircase where the flow of energy between the upper and lower floors travels gently between them. Until this issue could be addressed more seriously, I advised my friend to first and foremost move her husband out of the NW sector, and into a different bedroom, and use the staircase as little as possible. The NW represents the male head of house, and the one who would be affected by the stairs.

As always, if you are in need of additional assistance, advice, or would like to find a consultant in your area, I’m here to help. Or, if you would like a personal elemental analysis, please contact me at:

In the meantime, here are some thoughts when determining your specific needs and applying suitable FengShui remedies:

1) When you wake up in the morning, do you feel energized and ready for the day ahead? Or are you sluggish and finding it difficult to get out of bed?
2) Do you or family members living in your home suffer from chronic illness? Are there any health problems?
3) Are you happy with your family and spousal relationships?
4) Are you trying to have children?
5) Are you happy with the way your career is progressing?
6) When you sit down at your desk, do you feel efficient and productive?
7) Are you earning as much money as you believe you should be earning?
8) Do you feel surrounded by good friends and family?Do these friends, colleagues and family members think well of you?

Love, Balance and Divinity always ~


-Germaine Parra Avila

Author, Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity
Speaker, Feng Shui Specialist, Real Estate

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