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Searching for the Caravan

A Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity

By Germaine Parra Avila


Revised Searching For The Caravan Cover

A Note from the Author:

Thank you for your love and support and for reading my book. I appreciate the wonderful feedback, including the five star reviews that I am receiving on Amazon.

Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity is a true story, deeply personal, and written from my heart. Without the encouragement and understanding from my daughters, this story would never have been written. Many of the stories involve them when they were children, memories that could have been left untold. However, they’ve allowed me to write an honest memoir, believing as I do that the information surrounding our strange tales is helpful for anyone struggling with “Why?” or “How?” They have encouraged me to go forward without apprehension.

My lifelong search for truth and understanding has led me to tools that unravel life’s mysteries. The process of discovery and the metaphysical tools I used to give meaning to existence, feel less a victim, and take more control over my decisions has been the jewel in an otherwise complicated journey. If my story can do the same for you, then it will have been my crowning achievement.

Thank you for taking me into your home and being part of my life.

Love, Balance and Divinity always ~