D.C. Firefighters To Protect The Youth

Firefighters of D.C. are being sent out for late night patrols and day troops in high-crime areas to offer protection to residents who are now enrolled in the city’s youth jobs programs. This will improve the safety of the city especially of the residents during the course of their respective jobs. Mayor Vincent C. Gray has issued the order to avoid similar problems that occurred in the last year’s summer youth employment program where muggings and other crimes had been reported.

Spokesman of the D.C. Fire and Emergency medical Services, Lon Walls said that firefighters will not act as policemen but serves as a deterrent with their uniform presence. Still, the union officers question the order of Mayor Gray in sending these people to the worst corners of the city and put their safety at risk. Chairman Kristopher Baumann of the police union said that the administration will be sending unarmed and untrained firefighters to the dangerous areas. There will be about 14 spots that will have the firefighter’s presence until 4 a.m.

Although President Edward C. Smith is concerned about the appointment of firefighters to do police concerns, Paul Quander, deputy mayor for public safety,  claim that all D.C. government employees have the responsibility to look out for the residents. He added that the city would want to use its resources wisely and that they are not putting these people to more risk but rather improving their ability to connect to the community.

Quander further added that the tasks will not make the firefighters policemen and will not take them away from their regular duties. They will simply report any negative occurrences using their radios or cellphone and will not commence in direct action.

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