Different Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Different Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Many studies have shown the power of the ancient practice of yoga, which emphasizes stretching, strength and flexibility. Yoga is capable of relieving back soreness and alleviating chronic backaches by lengthening the spine and strengthening the back muscles.

Yoga poses can be done almost anywhere. Try out these basic yoga poses targeted to ease back pain if you want to take control of managing your pain without traditional medicines:

  1. Chair pose. This pose is great for strengthening your lower back muscles; however, this pose can be a bit strenuous if you’re new to it, so take it slowly and listen to your body.
  2. Downward-facing Dog. This is considered as a classic yoga pose that gives a great total body stretch that targets your back extensor, or the large muscles that help form your lower back, support your spine, and help you stand and pick up objects.
  3. Pigeon Pose. This is often called the “Angel of Mercy” pose, as it can rescue your aching back. It is great at opening the lower body muscles such as hamstrings, hip rotators, and the iliopsias muscles without putting too much torque on their tight state. This releases them by springing open the muscles beneath.
  4. Triangle Pose. This can strengthen your back and legs. It can also help you lengthen your muscles along the sides of your torso while stretching the muscle fibbers along your outer hip.
  5. Plow Pose. This not only reduces back pain, but can also reduce headaches and helps with infertility, insomnia, and inflamed nasal sinuses.
  6. Cow Pose. This provides an excellent massage to the spine and abdominal organs. If you have neck injuries, make sure to keep your head aligned with your torso when performing this pose.

It is wise to consult your doctor before doing back-related yoga poses, especially if you are having back pain issues before starting any exercise program. Seek out a yoga instructor that will be able to work with you through your limitations, so you do not further you back injuries, but rather improve them.

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