First Night Solar Power Station in the World

If you are fascinated by how a solar panel works to produce enough electricity to light up a house, wait till you see a cluster of more than two thousand solar panels in one hectare of land powering thousands of homes. The Gemasolar Power Plant is deemed as the first solar power station that does not only aim to power up thousands of houses in the Andalucia region but can also generates enough electricity at night!

This collection of solar panels is situated near Seville in southern Spain. It includes 2,650 panels that are all spread in a circular pattern across 185 hectares of rural land. The mirrored panels or also known as the heliostats can focus up to 95 percent of radiation from the sun towards the receiver in the center of the plant. This can heat up to 900C, which is used to warm molten salt tanks. These tanks are used to create steam in order to power £260million station’s turbines.

The solar power station is a collaborative project of an Abu Dhabi energy company, Masdar, and a Spanish engineering firm SENER, Torresol Energy. It took over two years to finish construction with a total cost of £260million. As of now, SENER is the only company all over the world that can build an operating commercial plant with central tower molten salt receiver technology.

What makes this solar power station different from other solar power station is its tanks ability to release heat to up to 15 hours overnight or even on days without sunlight. This will then be expected to produce 110 GWh/year, a total of about 25,000 homes lit up in the Andalucia region.

The facility is to operate most nights which will then assure a nightly electric production for a minimum of 270 days every year – which is three times more than other renewable energies.

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