Four Quick and Easy Tips to Attract Wealth

In the metaphysical sciences, Wealth is known as having what you need when you need it. Therefore, the tips below are about attracting “Wealth” as much as they are about attracting money.

1)     The stove, which is a Fire element, is directly related to one’s wealth, particularly money.Consequently, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. If you’re looking to attract more prosperity, make sure your stove is clean and that all your burners work, and are used equally. Keep your pantry and refrigerator organized and stored with food that you actually eat, and please toss food out if it becomes expired.

2)     Color has a huge impact on mood, and is used often in FengShui to attract various energies. (Click this link to read a previous blog of mine about what color to use where and for what purpose.) Red, purple and green are considered auspicious and powerful, particularly when looking to attract prosperity. Green represents Wood, i.e. growth and Red represents Fire. Wood nurtures Fire. The important thing to remember is to decorate with mindfulness and purpose; don’t just fill your space with stuff because a FengShui consultant told you to, or because there’s an old recliner that you just can’t part with, even though it’s tattered, worn and inoperable. Decorate with an open heart and with the intention of attracting what you want.

3)     Your front door should be unobstructed and appealing. Add a gate or pathway if necessary, anything that helps create an easy route to the front door so that opportunity doesn’t get lost on it’s way into your home. Keep your steps clean of clutter. Sweep them regularly along with your front sidewalk, and make sure your welcome mat is fresh and appealing. Make sure that your doorbell works and no hinges are squeaking, and that you’ve decorated with a healthy, potted plant right outside the front door. The idea is to keep your front door well taken care of and welcoming.  The front door is the mouth of the chi to your home, and will attract or repel in the same way that your mouth is the opening for your body’s chi.

4)     As you know, having a clutter free home is important when wanting to attract anything positive. This point can’t be stressed too often. Clutter represents stagnation, or negative chi, by jamming the energy flow and stopping circulation. Opportunities can’t get past the blockages.

Aquariums and other water features can be a pleasant way to introduce vitality and circulation to your home, as long as they are kept clean and in good working condition. If that is not possible, you are better off dismantling the feature, and using paintings, statues or images instead.

Placing your aquariumand all water features is important!  Why? Because Water puts out Fire, and Fire is money. For example, don’t place your aquarium or other water feature in your second floor office that is located right above the downstairs kitchen stove. If your aquarium, toilet, shower, sink or other water feature is above your stove, you are dousing an important fire element. Water puts out Fire.

FengShui is all about balance, and the elements are used to create that balance. So, when decorating, make sure one element is not competing with another, and instead organize the elements so that they are nourishing one another to maintain a balanced flow of energy throughout your home. As a reminder, Fire nurtures Earth. Earth nurtures Metal. Metal nurtures Water. And, Water nurtures Wood.

As always, it is key to remember that FengShui is an ancient, complex science and these tips are literally the tip of the FengShuiproverbial iceberg, intended to help you take immediate steps to create balance and the nurturing lift you may need to proceed with other steps to greater improvements. If you are interested in knowing more about the FengShui of your home, or how you relate to your home at a personal level, please contact me for more information.


Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity

-Germaine Parra Avila

Author, Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity
Speaker, Feng Shui Specialist, Real Estate

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