GE Creates Powerful Solution for Gas Power Plants Efficiency

When it comes to eco-friendly solutions and alternative to coal, nothing is much better than utilizing natural gas. Due to its lower carbon emissions, power plants not only produces quality products but also find ways to help the environment. Yet, many natural gas power plants are not powerful enough to efficiently go beyond standard production.

The new FlexEfficiency 50 design forms a way for gas power plants to competently produce power at efficient rate. Exclusively created by GE, it can convert about 61 percent of the energy found in the natural gas per cubic foot into electricity. In addition, it can ramp up production rate to 50 MW per minute.

This new formulation by GE is said to become more powerful than the standard natural gas power plant design. Also, it enables operators to manage power supply-and-demand as well as merge natural gas power with the clean power. This will set the power plant designs to stray away from the usual plan that intends to either produce high efficiencies or speed up power ramp up rates. In other words, it integrates faster power ramp up rates with higher efficiency.

Previously, power plant designs of GE could produce 60 percent efficiency yet it cannot provide quicker ramp up rates. Concurrently, a lower efficiency of 46 percent can quickly ramp up power. These considerations allow the combination of power plants efficiency and boost production faster for a more cutting edge technology.

The overall design was taken from a jet engine design, in which the pilot is able to alter the thrust level of the airplane much quicker to heighten ramp up rate.

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