Green Homes Good for Sales, Tax Breaks, and Alleviating Eco-Guilt

In a recent poll, 85 percent of surveyors said they prefer to live in an eco-friendly residence. While yes, these are renters- those renters will be buying homes soon. Why not make your home more eco-friendly now to attract these buyers later if and when you are ready to sell? Not looking to sell your house? Going green saves you a good deal of money, and makes you feel better about reducing your environmental impact.

Stylish: Green doesn’t have to mean boring.

“Whether in traditional, contemporary or transitional spaces, green design reflects not only practicality and versatility, but beauty in its materials, making it the perfect choice for today’s interiors,” said Candice Olson, host of HGTV’s “Divine Design” and “Candice Tells All.”

In the search for sustainable materials, more homeowners are choosing materials such as cork. The natural, reusable and recyclable material is durable, warm, resilient, insulating, hypoallergenic and comfortable. It also offers an eco-chic design aesthetic.

“Cork flooring is the ultimate choice for style-savvy consumers because of its exquisite design possibilities, durability, reliability and eco-friendly features,” said Olson. “Using user-friendly websites like can make choosing the right design fun and frustration-free.”

Cork flooring can be used in living rooms, kitchens, family or entertainment rooms, bedrooms and basements. It’s 100 percent renewable, since harvesting the outer bark of the cork oak tree never results in a single tree being cut down. According to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), cork oak forests support one of the highest levels of biodiversity among forest habitats.

Helps to preserve our heritage: Why buy new furniture when you can buy history?

According to Nigel Worboys of Antiques Are Green, buying antiques reduces landfill, carbon emissions and consumption of new goods from abroad, while helping to preserve our heritage for future generations.

Can save you money: Lots of it, in fact.

The federal Energy Star tax credit for 2011 is 30 percent of the cost-up to $1,500-for the following items: biomass stoves, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning (HVAC), roofs (metal and asphalt), water heaters (nonsolar), windows and doors.

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