House Rules

My kids were so embarrassed by the list of rules that I had laminated at our front door for all their friends to see when they came to visit. They thought it was unnecessary and strange, considering no other parent took so much care in displaying the house rules in such a public manner. However, I had very good reason to put so much effort into making sure all rules were known and followed. Below are the top four which I always included in whatever home we lived in so we could better maintain our health and balance despite all the crazy that went along with living our ever changing, overseas lives.

1. Number one on this list as well as my laminated list was ALWAYS remove your shoes at the door. Symbolically, removing your shoes at the entrance makes your home a haven, allowing you to leave your busy work days, school days, outside arguments, traffic jams and troubles outside where they belong. It helps you cast off worries, fears and troubles so inside your home you can remain at peace and better able to deal with any overwhelming stresses. This is ideal for maintaining a healthy and balanced mind. Keeping shoes at the door also makes keeping a clean home much easier, which is also better for your health.

2. Keep your space clean and clutter free was number two on my list for both my kids and their friends! Though I was all about letting them have a good time, fun doesn’t mean you have to leave a mess everywhere you go. Food should be eaten in the kitchen, homework should be done at your desk, and everything that has a home should be in it’s home. Preventing clutter everywhere that you can is the first FengShui cure to almost anything. It opens you up to new opportunities, helps you continuously move forward, and makes managing things in your life much easier. A clutter free home is representative of a clutter free mind. When feeling stuck about anything in your life, clean out your home first and observe how much better and more prepared you feel to tackle just about anything.

3. Maintain a wonderful place to rest your head and keep to your bed timewas always number three, although it wasn’t worded so nicely. This was, of course, the hardest rule for my girls to follow despite their best efforts. As my daughters got older and the amount of homework increased, not only were they going to sleep at obscene hours of the night but their piles of books and papers were all over the place, and their beds were rarely made. However, this is without a doubt an important FengShui rule to instill in your kids. Crawling into a made bed at the end of the day that isn’t sharing space with electromagnetic energy fields coming from televisions or stereo systems helps kids to remain organized, focused and better able to maintain a reasonable bedtime hour. Everything in one’s bedroom should suggest rest, nothing else. Sleeping is so important to our health, I’m glad to say my girls learned that lesson…eventually. ;)

4. Number four was no sodas!! Sodas really don’t have a place in anyone’s home. They are full of chemicals and additives and have nothing real about them. As sodas are acidic and our bodies are alkaline, drinking sodas upset the body’s natural ph, are addictive, high in caffeine, and encourage the consumption of other non-alkaline foods which will further upset your health and body’s balance. There is literally nothing good that can be said about sodas. Kicking them out of your kitchen will ensure that better quality foods are being consumed and the balance within your body’s will be better intact.

When your space and being is calm and balanced, your thoughts slow down and you can begin to hear guidance from your heart and soul. Your spirit is renewed when you create a home that offers serenity, stillness, and a place to recharge, care for yourself and stop the hustle. Your home is vital for one’s well being, which is one of the reasons FengShui is vital for today’s non-stop culture. I think it’s no surprise that my kids leaped into extremely competitive careers; keeping a healthy living environment helps you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired to move towards your dreams! But I agree, it’s not easy maintaining such an environment on your own, so encourage your kids to help by following the house rules!

(Don’t worry, you don’t have to laminate, frame and hang them like I did. =) )

Happy living!

Wishing you love, balance and divinity always ~

-Germaine Parra Avila

Author, Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity
Speaker, Feng Shui Specialist, Real Estate

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