How to Build Self-awareness: Knowing Yourself Better

How to Build Self-awareness Knowing Yourself BetterHow well do you know yourself? You may have encountered this question a few times in your life and may have even laughed it off.  But, let’s consider the question. How well do you really know yourself?

This question may cause you to think twice, but don’t worry, you are not alone! The self is such a complex being that it can be difficult to identify.

Self-awareness is one path to personal growth.  The more you know and learn about yourself, the more you are able to grow personally and do the things that will lead you to success. Just imagine what could be possible if you only focused on your strengths and used them to work your way up to success. But, for those who are not yet aware of themselves, they can dwell on their weaknesses and things they can’t do and, as a result, hamper their success.

So, how do you build more self-awareness?

  • Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Take the time to ponder and list what you do well and what your limitations are. Note your emotional strengths and weaknesses as well, such as emotions you are able to control well and areas where you know you get too sensitive. By writing these down and reading them, you can more easily discover what your capabilities are.
  • Seek feedback from others. There are four sides in self-awareness based on the Johari’s window. One side is where you and others know yourself. The second is where only you know those traits and others don’t. The third side is where others know those traits and you don’t. And, the fourth side is where you and others do not know those traits. Getting opinions from others will help you in your quest for self-awareness because they may know or see something you have failed to realize on your own.
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection. Take the time each day to connect with your spirituality through meditation and prayer. Through these activities, you can achieve peace of mind and be guided by your true self.
  • Know what your goals are. Write down the goals that you want to achieve in your life.  Is your family more important to you than your career? Take the time to think of your priorities. Knowing them can help you become aware of yourself.

Self-awareness is a powerful path to success in life. If you know yourself better, you can do more good things and build better relationships.

-M. Germaine Parra
D.C. Area RealtorFeng Shui Consultant
Licensed in DC, MD and VA
Long and Foster Realtors
6862 Elm Street Office, McLean, VA  22101
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