How to Improve the Feng Shui of Your Kitchen

How to Improve the Feng Shui of Your Kitchen

Health is an important aspect of our lives. If we stay healthy, we can accomplish a lot of things and remain successful and happy. At home, the kitchen is known to be the key source of health. It is where we prepare and cook our meals and gather around to eat. For this reason, it is important that the kitchen remain clean and organized at all times in order to maintain a smooth flow of positive energy that is vital for good health and wealthy.

Below are some ideas for how you can improve the Feng Shui of your kitchen:

  • Keep drawers and cabinets free of clutter.  Clutter is a huge block to the flow of chi. When your drawers and cabinets are filled with unorganized kitchen utensils, it can be difficult to find things and work easily. So, keep your drawers and cabinets organized and clean at all times. Assign certain things to certain areas and do not cram everything into one place. In addition, check for things that you no longer need and either give them away or throw them out.
  • Incorporate nature into your kitchen. Natural elements help energize an area. Add some fresh flowers or potted plants to your kitchen. Not only will it encourage better Feng Shui, but it will also make you feel good every time you come into the kitchen.
  • Maintain safety. Feng Shui promotes safety and deters dangerous or unpleasant things. Since your kitchen contains things like knives and other sharp objects that could potentially be hazardous, it is crucial to place them in the safest place possible. The same is true for heavy pots and pans and electrical appliances.
  • Get rid of refrigerator clutter. Aside from your cabinets and drawers, the second most common area for kitchen clutter is the refrigerator. Take the time to sort your refrigerator and get rid of spoiled and expired foods. Designate places for each things like condiments, milk, and produce.
  • Create a lovely place to eat together. Even if you have a small kitchen table with stools or a breakfast nook, it will encourage family togetherness. Create time to gather around and share meals together.

-M. Germaine Parra
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Licensed in DC, MD and VA
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