How to Prevent Procrastination for a More Productive Life

How to Prevent Procrastination for a More Productive Life

As many of us know firsthand, procrastination is the postponement of taking action and often occurs when we want to avoid or delay important tasks in exchange for doing something less significant. This often results in feelings of stress and guilt, as well as poorer work quality.

Procrastination is a problem we all face at one point or another, but for some, it is more common than for others.  It is a progressive habit that affects us negatively in our lives, and chronic procrastinators tend to make less money, are less happy, and underachieve regularly.

Follow these guides below to convert procrastination into determination:

  1. Mental cooperation is the key. You need to mentally prepare yourself that you are going to give your best to get past your procrastination habits. Keep reminding yourself that accomplishing your task is of the utmost importance and delaying it will bring unfavorable consequences.
  2. Create a to-do list. Rank your list from highest to lowest in priority, based on urgency and significance. Set timeframes or target dates for your items to be done.
  3. Tackle the hard tasks first.  Accomplishing the biggest task on your list will make you feel extra productive and will encourage you to do the other things you’ve been trying to push aside. Hard tasks can be achieved more easily by breaking them down into parts. Dividing a task into simpler and smaller steps makes it seem more manageable, and as you achieve small successes of completion along the way, it keeps you motivated to finish.
  4. Change your environment. Your surroundings have a big impact on your productivity. If your work desk or office makes you want to sleep, then you should consider changing your workspace. Transform your environment into an area where you feel inspired to work and be productive.
  5. Find an accountability partner.  You can pair up with someone who can help you get motivated into taking action and hold you to your goals.  You should also hang out with people who are go-getters and hard workers. You will soon become accustomed to their drive and spirit to be productive.
  6. Reward yourself. Promise yourself a reward for finishing a task. This will give you the feeling of achievement, which will help you remember how good it feels to accomplish things.

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