Improving Yourself and Increasing Your Personal Power

Improving Yourself and Increasing Your Personal PowerFinding power within yourself can be a challenge when you feel like you don’t have control of yourself and you instead allow your environment to take over. Without that personal power, it is difficult to achieve your goals and become more successful in life because you don’t have a source of strength to tap into.

Many people fail to increase their personal power due to the influencing factors around them. They automatically allow their friends’ opinions into their lives without giving value to what they want and think for themselves. In turn, they allow others to dictate how they act and feel, and they end up becoming someone they are not.

Personal power is your capacity to take full control and boost yourself to find success. It doesn’t mean that you start looking down on others or start taking control of them to become powerful. Having more personal power means that you are able to control what you want and adhere to what we think is right for you, regardless of what other people say or do.

There are several ways you can begin to increase our personal power. Here are a few:

  • Identify yourself. Yes, you know your name, your educational background, and other vital information, but…do you know who you really are?  When you take the time to truly examine yourself, you are able to determine who you are as a person.  Once you know that, you have a foundation from which to work on other things.
  • Acknowledge your weaknesses. Everybody has his or her own weaknesses. There is no one on this earth who is perfectly flawless. But, if we brood on these flaws and stop thinking positively, we can easily lose control of ourselves. Think about the moments when you are weak and take a look at why. Accept these weaknesses so you can go on to become a stronger person in the future, who is not bound by insecurity.
  • Appreciate your strengths. Having power requires strength. All you need to do is identify those strengths and be grateful for them. Focus on your abilities, not your weaknesses.
  • Create smarter goals and remind yourself of them regularly.  Know what you want in life and create goals that help you to achieve those things. This will enable you to become determined in your life. Remind yourself of these goals regularly, so you have more purpose to pursue things.

-M. Germaine Parra
D.C. Area RealtorFeng Shui Consultant
Licensed in DC, MD and VA
Long and Foster Realtors
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