Qi Men Dun Jia Deity Stars for June 6 to July 6, 2014

Dear Friends,

As many of you may know, this is the year of the Wood Wu Horse. The Wu Horse is a Fire element, which is good if you need fire in your chart. If you already have a Wu Horse in your chart, and the Wu Horse comes in during 2014 as a year star, the intensity of the Fire is amplified, and the presence of a second Wu creates what is called a “Self Punishment”. In other words, if you have a Wu Horse in your chart, 2014 is a year where you could do something really stupid. Why am I telling you this? Because from June 6 to July 6 it is also a Wu Horse Month, and June 16th is a Wu Horse Day. Wu Wu Wu Wu is a lot of fire, a lot of Self-Punishment, and it’s a lot of potential to do something really stupid this month, particularly on the June 16th. Please folks, whatever you do, stay calm, dot your i’s and cross your t’s, bite your tongue and show compassion before you jump into a dramatic fray.

June 16th is a special day for another reason as well: the #5 star, the most malevolent star, lines up to present three #5 stars in the NW with the year, the month and the day all perfectly aligned. Don’t travel toward the NW, or heaven forbid, please don’t be renovating in the NW or hanging pictures in the NW. Don’t disrupt the NW area of your home in any way during this entire year, but particularly during the month of June, and especially on June 16th. It will be interesting to see if anything in particular happens in the NW of the US  during June, particularly on June 16th.

This month has only three quas or directions that are good to work with or that have positive outcomes. They are the SE, the West and the NE, and they are the only three guas that I shall explain.

If you are looking for money or property or business advice, there will never be another gua with better stars than the Earth in SE has this month. Put your back to the SE, arms outward and palms upward to receive. Clear your mind and ask the Earth Deity to help you with your money requests, anything that has to do with wealth generation, properties, assets, and material things. Every aspect of this bright direction looks promising.

The West has the Harmony Star which is known to support relationships. Any relationship at all, including the relationship you have with yourself, your boss, your children, your home, etc. It is to help with understanding anything or anyone you have a relationship with. For all your wishes involving relationships, put your back to the West and ask. It won’t be easy, but the outcome looks very promising.

The third qua with positive stars is the NE which has the Chief. The Chief is guardian over all requests, so don’t despair if some guas don’t shine brightly. Put your back to the NE direction of your home and make your requests. Are you asking for a new job this month? There will be a major hurdle to overcome, but the outcome looks very promising.

In all cases, go to the appropriate direction and ask, feel, believe, expect and take action!  Ask for anything that you want, anytime of day, and as many times a day that you can fit it into your schedule. Do this every day from now until July 6. Do so furtively, earnestly and sincerely. Open yourself to receiving energy and blessings.

Do this with all of the stars/directions listed above that you may want to draw upon for support, energy and blessings. Why does it work? Because we are aligning ourselves to universal energy. Directions carry a unique vibration/quality, with varying degrees of strength. We need to align ourselves with this unique energy at the appropriate time to receive the best outcome.

Remember, you can do this anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in your home. Put your back to the direction (as opposed to location!) for receiving energy. The iPhone has a compass under utilities to help you find the directions. However, if you are in your home (note that the energy is stronger when you make your requests from home, and do so consistently), go to the location of your property and put your back to the appropriate direction.

Stay out of the sun during this Wu Horse Fire Month and Wu Horse Fire Year.  It could get hot out there.

Love to all ~

Germaine xo

-Germaine Parra Avila

Author, Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity
Speaker, Feng Shui Specialist, Real Estate

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