Mastering Your Environment: How to Reduce Stress

Mastering Your Environment How to Reduce StressHaving stress is almost inevitable in today’s society, but unfortunately, it isn’t healthy for your mind and body. When you are under stress, neither your body nor your mind can relax and rejuvenate properly.  In turn, there are physical and emotional consequences that an affect your day-to-day life and relationships with others.

Reducing environmental stress can offer significant relief and is one way to boost your energy. Here are a few tips:

  • Reduce Clutter – Have you ever felt stressed after seeing a lot of things scattered around your house? If so, then that inhibits your way of relaxing and finding comfort. Environmental stress is heightened when there is clutter surrounding you. You need to take the time to eliminate the clutter to free your mind.
  • Enhance Lighting – If there is poor lighting in your office or at home, you probably strain your eyes to see well. Let your eyes rest by improving the internal lighting and opening the windows to let natural light come in.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Noise – When there is too much noise around you, there is no room for your own thoughts. While you cannot eliminate the sound in your environment completely, you can get rid of static noise produced by TVs, radios, and phones.  Find ways to turn them off or create a barrier between you and the noise.
  • Choose More Soothing Colors – Colors can affect your mood. Loud colors create a wilder environment and may not help you be at peace. Soothing colors help you feel comfortable and rested.
  • Create a Personal Space – Find a special nook inside the house where you can be alone. Make sure that this area is not in a high-traffic area, so you can have undisturbed time on your own without people walking by.
  • Make Things More Ergonomic – An efficient workspace or living space can make things happen easier and smoother, which helps reduce stress in your body. Arrange your workspace or living space in a way that will make things go smoothly for you.

Stress can be challenging with all of the tasks we have to do each day. But, if we become masters of our environment and take control, we will be able to eliminate stress and feel free.

-M. Germaine Parra
D.C. Area RealtorFeng Shui Consultant
Licensed in DC, MD and VA
Long and Foster Realtors
6862 Elm Street Office, McLean, VA  22101
Fax:   703-873-1901
Cell:  703.650.8838

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