Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping is essential to the proper functioning of your body, and experts recommend seven to nine hours of quality deep sleep per night. Unfortunately, most people don’t get that much sleep and many suffer the negative effects of sleep deprivation as a result.

Lack of sleep is a rising problem in our society. Almost 40% of Americans get less than 7 hours of sleep a night. Sleep deprivation has a negative impact on different parts of the brain, and its effects become stronger and more dangerous as time goes by. It also prevents your body from fully regenerating and having the strength to fight off sickness.

Here are some of the major negative effects of sleep deprivation:

  1. Weight gain. People who lack enough sleep can develop hormone imbalances that lead to increased appetites and cravings for high-calorie foods. They also tend to have a greater response to indulgent treats and a dampened ability to control their impulses.
  2. Slow response. Lack of sleep can result in slower, delayed though processes. It can be difficult to process new details and to respond rapidly. Research shows that sleep deprived individuals can experience slow reaction times comparable to having a blood alcohol level greater than 0.5.
  3. High chance of diabetes. People who get less than five hours of sleep each night have a higher risk of developing diabetes because lack of sleep decreases the body’s ability to regulate its blood sugar levels.
  4. Depression. Lack of sleep and sleeping disorders can contribute to depression. Insomnia is often one of the first symptoms of depression. For people who are diagnosed with depression or anxiety, it is common for them to sleep less than six hours per night.
  5. Poor vision. Lack of sleep is linked to tunnel vision, double vision, and dimness. The longer you deprive yourself of sleep, the more vision problems you will encounter, and in extreme circumstances, it can even lead to hallucinations.

-Germaine Parra Avila

Author, Searching for the Caravan, a Reconciliation with Love, Science and Divinity
Speaker, Feng Shui Specialist, Real Estate


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