New Jelly-filled Batteries For Everyday Use

A new technology in batteries will surely give you an inexpensive, safe and effective alternative to your usual lithium ion battery. The Gel Electrolyte from Leeds University in the United Kingdom is a jelly-like goo that replaces your ordinary lithium ion battery but guarantees a powerful solution to power mobile phones and even electric cars.

The gel electrolyte is now ready to be marketed tphones public, however Leeds University is still searching for commercial partners to make use of the jelly filled batteries for the next generation of portable batteries. The gel electrolytes have been permeated in many laboratories around the globe for many years and there are several research centers, including NASA, which are negotiating to license out the technology.

Each Leeds electrolyte is uniquely made by squeezing the “goo” out in continuous sheets like fresh pasta. The outcome is a very thin yet flexible battery that is stacked to generate energy. Studies of Leeds noted that the layers of these thin batteries can hold more energy than the regular batteries we use with the same size and weight of the Leeds electrolyte. To top it all off, the pasta- like procedure will make batteries less expensive to produce.

Unlike the regular lithium ion batteries that we use, these electrolytes do not leak. This makes it safer to use than the liquid electrolytes in regular batteries that usually leak. This means that gel electrolytes are more viable for use in electric cars.

Some other uses for the gel electrolytes include powering a smartcard and holding more energy for renewable power sources such as solar and wind. In fact, it can be a great alternative for smartphone batteries today. Current smartphone batteries can no longer meet the growing requirements of phone’s applications including GPS, Video, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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