Public Electric Vehicle Charge Stations Coming to Car GPS

Electric Vehicle owners rejoice! An announcement has just been made by Coulomb Technologies that they are introducing a way for electric vehicles to locate public charging stations with the use of the TomTom GPS car navigation system.

Coulomb Technologies is widely known for supplying EV charging sites in different locations. The ChargePoint Network is a network of charging stations all over the globe, fueling electricity to different plug in vehicles. It has now become a practical necessity for drivers of electric vehicles as they can charge their batteries when they park.

With the new addition of the TomTom, it will be much more convenient for drivers to locate charging stations near their location. Drivers will be able to find, as well as reserve, the nearest Coulomb charging site. Other details of the location such as the cost, charge rate and the connector type are also indicated. Those who want to reserve for the charging station can do so using their website or via their smart-phone applications for iPhone and BlackBerry. All the charging stations are networked and will be able to access the data via their internal API.

Integrating the convenient access of each charging station in the car navigation system will encourage a larger group of customers to look into owning electric vehicles who formerly had concerns about charging availability. According to Coulomb CEO Pat Romano, the success of the electric vehicles will depend on how drivers will be able to locate charging stations easily. Although people are expected to charge at their homes, having it accessed in public charging points like retail outlets or parking areas will alleviate the anxiety and worries in running out of power while out and about.

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