Secrets to Happiness: The Brighter You

Secrets to Happiness The Brighter You

Some people say that it is hard to be happy in this world. We face a lot of difficulties each day and have a great deal to worry about. Many find themselves discouraged in their search for  happiness since they believe that happiness is the result of a worry-free environment. However, we can always find true happiness if we simply find the heart to be positive about our situations.

The secret to happiness starts inside of us. We must choose to feel the joy and peace in our lives despite ouradversities. With whatever positive emotions and perspective we fill our hearts,our actions and attitudes will follow.

Here below are some of the helpful ways we can make ourselves happier in life:

  • Do things that will make you happy. Find a hobby in which you can disconnect from the daily grind for a while.  It can be as simple as singing, dancing, painting, or writing.
  • Know what you want to do life. Are you in a position where you can see yourself growing into five years from now? Usually, what makes us unhappy are the things that trap us. If we simply know what we want and focus our actions and decisions on these things, will find ourselves increasingly more positive.
  • Think of something happy. Emotions can create a domino effect in people. When you see someone crying or in pain, oftentimes, we also feel sorrowful with them. When we want to be happy, think of happy thoughts. This way, it can create an effect where you will also be happy because of your joyful thoughts.
  • See something positive in everything. Have you been bombarded with problems lately? Find something positive about your situation. For instance, think of a valuable lesson you can learn out of your problems or think of people that you will be helping if you are able to go through your dilemmas successfully. If there is something positive in what you see, you can always feel that your trial has a purpose.

Being happy in life is not a difficult task if we have the heart to follow our dreams. Spread love to the people around you and always keep smiling!

-M. Germaine Parra
D.C. Area RealtorFeng Shui Consultant
Licensed in DC, MD and VA
Long and Foster Realtors
6862 Elm Street Office, McLean, VA  22101
Fax:   703-873-1901
Cell:  703.650.8838

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