Washington DC Officially Announces “One City, Summer Fun” Program

The Banneker Recreation Center was very excited as Mayor Vincent Gray announced the One City, Summer Fun program in Washington DC. As a result, the entire city will have now have lots of activities and fun taking place all throughout summer.

Even if the activities aim to bring enjoyment to all residents and visitors of DC, the main purpose of the program is to keep the city from possible crimes during the summer when many youth residents find themselves with “idle time”. The local government aims to keep potential troublemakers busy as well as residents safe and away from possible danger with this new program, according to Mayor Gray.

There are about 30 agencies in the government that showcased different fun activities for the summer. Some of these activities include swimming lessons, arts festivals, summer camps for kids, public library programs and junior police academy job program. This will give the residents an opportunity to swim, to play, to learn and more!

Mayor Gray also indicated that the summer program will introduce opportunities to exercise since there will be a new kind of standard when it comes to heath. He even said that he wants the city to be dubbed as the healthiest city in the country. This will make the entire city moving in the face of the summer heat. But, to encourage more residents to participate, cooling centers will also be set up in individual tents. They will provide misting sprays and cold drinks for children and seniors attending.

Also part of the program is teaching teenagers the value of having a job. Discipline and pride are among the values that the city plans these teens to learn. A Summer Youth Employment Program will be launched on June 27 until August 5, allowing 12,000 high school students to earn their paycheck for the first time.

Although lots of fantastic activities are in line during the summer in Washington DC, these are not totally generated from the city funds. A lot of nonprofits have provided donations to the project. In fact, Mayor Gray even said that $665,000 will be donated by Walmart for the summer event in DC.

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