World’s First Sewage-powered Hydrogen Fuel Station Opens in California

The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) has announced the opening of the world’s first tri-generation fuel cell and hydrogen energy station in Fountain Valley, California. The energy station is making use of sewage biogas in order to produce heat, electricity and hydrogen which will then create a stream of hydrogen. This hydrogen stream will be recurring and will not need large amounts of electricity for its production.

Methane gas is produced at the OCSD treatment plant with the processing of sewage. The system will collect methane gas and reformulate these gasses into hydrogen. This will then be sent to a fuel cell and the electricity from the fuel cell will be utilized to produce power for the facility. Leftover hydrogen will be diverted to the AirPower hydrogen fueling station.

AirPower will purify the hydrogen and produce fuel-grade hydrogen that can be used to power vehicles. It is projected that the waste facility will be able to generate enough excess hydrogen to power 25 to 50 vehicles with its 250 kilowatts of electricity generated each day. The heat produced during the procedure can also be converted to other uses.
The Department of Energy partly funded the development of the new system. It is a three-year demonstration project aiming to become a model for renewable hydrogen fuel generation for vehicles. In case all available sources of methane gas are diverted for hydrogen fuel generation, the new system can be utilized to power around 200 million fuel cell vehicles. Examples of feedstock sources of methane gases are; brewery wastes, food and landfill gases.

As of now, BMW, a world renowned car maker is developing similar system to convert methane gas to hydrogen. The company is gathering landfill gases near its Spartanburg Assembly plant and uses these gases to turn into hydrogen that can be used to power its vehicles.

AirPower is currently working with Toyota for the opening of a hydrogen pipeline-fed hydrogen refueling station on Torrance, California corporate campus. By 2015, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai will bring fuel cell vehicles to the mass market.

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