“Beautifully crafted and superbly written, Germaine has used the threads of her life to create a golden tapestry. I cannot recommend Searching for the Caravan more highly. This heart-felt work of art takes readers on an exciting journey while teaching us invaluable lessons on the connection between love, science and divinity in a way that has never been done before. I now understand how we are all connected, and how we have the ability to affect change as Germaine so brilliantly describes.”
Sonja Killie 

A truly fascinating story, rich with detail and deeply introspective. It endears the author to its reader in an inspiring and uplifting way. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end
Sara Lauritzen, Astrologer

“While reading the book, I couldn’t help but to focus on Germaine’s heartfelt tribute to her mother, which was woven so beautifully into the pages. The sensitivity and warmth stood in sharp contrast to less tender topics such as science, religion, politics and her unbelievable experiences. There is much to learn from this reading. Primary among them, how a Mother’s steadfast love is the stability beneath our feet.”
Margie Murray

“A warmly written, charming memoir. Profound, yet relatable, this book glows with love and insight. I couldn’t stop turning the pages!”
Polly S. Fleming

“Searching for the Caravan speaks to the individual’s path in life, and helps us to understand how we are all so different, but yet so much alike. Germaine’s story, told from a Feng Shui perspective, explains these linkages both spiritually and scientifically.  It is a book about her exciting life, one that I highly recommend.”
Margie James

“This book opens the mind to alternative ways of thinking about the human experience, and awakens the heart to the healing power of love.”
Victoria Schaefer, Ph.D.